Environmental Assessment Process & Schedule

This study will follow the approved environmental planning process for Group ‘B’ projects under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (1999), as amended in 2000, with the opportunity for public input throughout the study.

Public consultation is an important part of the Group 'B' process and the public is encouraged to provide input at any point during this project. To facilitate public involvement Public Information Centres (PICs) have been held at three key study stages. The PIC provided local residents and business owners, members of the public and other stakeholders with an opportunity to review, comment on, and discuss the project with members of the Project Team. Please refer to the Contact Us section of this website for additional details regarding submission of comments and questions.

The overall Class Environmental Assessment planning process approach and key tasks are illustrated in the diagram below. This process will consist of two major phases: Functional Planning and Preliminary Design.

The schedule that will be followed is illustrated in the diagram below:

Upon completion of the study, a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) will be prepared and made available for a 30-day public review period. The TESR public review period will be announced in local newspapers and on this website. Notification will also be sent to those on the project contact list.

During the review period, stakeholders are encouraged to bring issues or concerns to the attention of MTO so that they may be resolved. If after consulting with the MTO’s consultants and staff, a stakeholder feels that significant outstanding issues have not been addressed through the Class EA process, a Part II Order request (commonly known as a ‘bump up’) may be submitted to ask the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change for a higher level of assessment. A Part II Order request may lead to the preparation of an Individual Environmental Assessment. If there are no outstanding concerns at the end of the 30-day review period, the project will be considered to have the requirements of the Class EA.

All interested persons are encouraged to review the TESR and provide comments.

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